About Us

David HinsleyDavid Hinsley began his career in horseracing at the age of 16 as a jockey in Australia. In 1968 David came to the United States and started working at racetracks around the country. For several years David helped Spendthrift Farm prepare their young horses for their introduction to racing in Kentucky, New York and many other racing venues. He was assistant trainer to W. H. "Jinks" Fires for 10 years. Hinsley Racing Stable officially opened for business in 1986, the same year he married his lovely wife Sharon!

David is a hands-on trainer that views each horse as a unique individual and personality. He works with all types of thoroughbreds - dirt, turf, sprinters, routers, fillies, colts, geldings - he loves them all!

Our approach to the horseracing experience is to involve the owners as much as possible. We encourage owners to get to know their horses, to participate in understanding their needs and capabilities, and to provide input and ideas for their success.

We can assist the new owner with selection and purchase of their first racehorse! There are many approaches to getting in to the game - we will work with you to help you achieve your dreams! Call us and we can discuss alternatives for new owners.


Hinsley Racing Stable has evolved into quite a unique stable. Thanks to the guidance of veterinarian Dr. Thomas Swerczek of the U. of Ky. we have made huge progress in understanding why horses are so unsound in this day and age and what are the dietary changes needed to correct the inadeqate vitamin and mineral content in today's feed. Additionally the overfeeding of protein is the number one cause of every disease process in the modern day horse. Too much protein, in addition to other factors, is also responsible for metabolic imbalances which lead to the muscular skeletal weakness' and flaws of todays modern day thoroughbred. This however is fixable when one becomes knowledgeable of what is the root cause in the first place.

In addition great progress has been made in understanding why horses bleed in this country. We us a very unique formula developed by Dr. Swerczek going in a direction with this that no one else has gone to the best of our knowledge. These are all natural ingredients. The results are quite impressive.