An owner-oriented horseracing operation!

David Hinsley has been managing Hinsley Racing Stable for the past 20 years. During the spring and summer, we operate from beautiful Arlington Park. The fall racing season in Chicago takes us to Hawthorne Race Course. Once the weather turns cold, Hinsley Racing Stable moves south to sunny Tampa Bay Downs in Florida.

We also ship to tracks in Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota, as well as all Florida tracks depending on the opportunities available for our horses and owners.

At Hinsley Racing Stable, owners are encouraged to participate in all of the decision making. To us, your opinion as the owner of a horse MATTERS! We love horseracing and we love owners who want to experience the joy and beauty of this noble and thrilling sport.


The purpose of Hinsley Racing Stable, Inc. is to offer a new and comprehensive approach to training thoroughbred race horses. The ultimate goal of training is to prepare each and every horse with the proper physical and mental conditioning necessary to represent the owner(s) and/or investor(s) in a positive way when the horse enters competitive racing.

In addition to the physical conditioning of the horse, a major emphasis during the training process is on building and maintaining the health of the horse. This is accomplished through proper feeding supplemented with approved vitamins and minerals that support the sound development of muscles, joints and bones. The training and feeding techniques, implemented by David Hinsley, are based on the latest research that focuses on the health and well being of the horse. This emphasis on the health and welfare of each horse, starting when the horse is delivered to the trainer, is to afford the horse with every opportunity to develop as a sound racing representative of the training experience. In addition, it is the intention of the trainer and his application of the entire training process, to provide the owner(s) and investor(s) with a well conditioned horse that is ready to enter competitive racing.

An additional responsibility, accepted by the trainer, is to represent the training and racing industry in a positive way by presenting well conditioned and healthy horses to the general public.