Hinsley Stable can assist you in any aspect of the business. We can help in the purchase of your first race horse or claiming one. There are many ways to go. At Hinsley Racing we treat each horse as an individual and pride ourselves on giving them the best opportunities to become the best they can possibly be. We believe in working on our horses to help them continue in their careers for as long as possible as sound as possible. If you have a horse with a problem give us a call. Maybe we can be of help.

For a great farm to send your Broodmares, foals and lay-ups, consider Crowe Farm in Ocala Florida. They are a hands on operation where each horse is treated as if it was their own. They will all definitely know what a peppermint and a carrot is when they leave there.

Crowe Farm horses are raised as naturally as possible. They are steroid free and NEVER given Human Growth Hormone. What you see is what is really there. Each horse is magnificent in its own right. Any horse sold by Crowe Farms is guaranteed to have been allowed to grow naturally, drug free in as healthy an environment as possible. Soundness and durability for long racing careers is our main goal at Crowe Farm. Please feel free to contact us about our program.

Crowe Farm can also break your yearlings. Stalls are limited so please make arrangements soon by contacting Judy Crowe at:
Cell: (352) 274-5426
Barn: (352) 873-7760
House: (352) 873-9609